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~ Sermon on the Mount ~

  Sermon on the Mount Collage

  Sermon on the Mount Outline & Text

  Sermon on the Mount Observations

  Sermon on the Mount 30 Day Practice

Sermon on the Mount Listening Practice

  How to LIve Without Worry - Matthew 5-7

Sermon on the Mount Comments


  ~ The Beatitudes Conversation Questions - "The CQ" ~

  The CQ #1 - The Conversation Questions

  The CQ #2 - "Blessing the Unblessable"

  The CQ #3 - "Comfort in the Hard Times"

  The CQ #4 - "Blessing the Last, Least, Lost"

  The CQ #5 - "Hungering for the Right Diet"

  The CQ #6 - "Mercy Vision"

  The CQ #7 - "Clear Vision"

  The CQ #8 - "Heavenly Kids"


~ Life of Jesus ~

  "Follow Me" by Jesus

  Life of Jesus Timeline

  Quotes About Jesus

  The Jesus Pyramid

  Character of Jesus Scriptures

  Jesus & the Poor

  Jesus on Prophets

  Jesus as Judge

  Jesus - Crown & Victor


~ The Kingdom of God ~

  Kingdom of God Brochure

  Kingdom Texts in the New Testament

  The Nature of the Kingdom of God

  The Kingdom Summary

  Kingdom Teaching by Jesus

"Entering the Kingdom" by Tim Timmons, Sr.

  Kingdom & Kings in Psalms


~ Kingdom Living ~

  Kingdom Living Session One

  Kingdom Living Session Two

  Kingdom Living Session Three

  Kingdom Living Session Four

  Kingdom Living Session Five


~ General Topics ~

  Mere Christianity Analogies

  The Gospels Outlined

  Galatians 2:20 & Romans

"The Education of Children" by William Law

The Life of God in the Soul of Man by Henry Scougal

(Three Prayers by Scougal; Endorsement by Dallas Willard)

"Apprentice of Jesus, Our Teacher"

Wheaton College Chapel, 2001

"The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge"

UC Irvine, 2011

"The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge in Universities"

LSU, 2008

"The Divine Conspiracy"

12 Sessions ~ Harvey Fellows Institute, 2007

"The Divine Conspiracy - Living It"

Renovare, 1999

"Faith, Virtue & Knowledge"

Gordon College

"The Battle of Flesh & Spirit"

Calvin College

"God in Business" Series

Four Separate Sessions

"Character & Private Property"

Talbot Faculty Retreat, 2011

"Gospel of the Kingdom"

Wheaton College Chapel, 2001

"Grace & the Kingdom of God"

WCA Conference, 2012

"The Genius of Jesus"

OSU, November, 2002 (1 of 2)

"Human Nature"

OSU, November, 2002 (2 of 2)

"The Human Side of Holiness"

17 Sessions, Denver Seminary, 2010

"Kingdom Humility"

Wheaton College, 2009

"Life's Four Big Questions"

Excerpts from a Dozen Teachings

"Passion to be Like Jesus"

Navigators Conference

"Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice"

Book Study Guide


"Sermon on the Mount & Discipleship"

Wheaton College Chapel, 2001

"Sermon on the Mount"

Gordon Conwell

"Spiritual Formation & Salvation"

Wheaton Conference , 2009

"Spiritual Formation & Theology"

Westmont Chapel , 2011

"Streams in the Desert"

Church Leadership Retreat, Baylor, 2004


Veritas at UCLA, 2003

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