7 Resources featuring
2 Books + 1 Course with
3 Teaching Sessions
and 125 pages of notes

Dallas Willard
Renovation of the Heart

Renovation of the Heart Course

13 Sessions (30 minutes + Q&A)

# 1 - "Introducing Spiritual Formation" (A/V)

Slide Presentation (PDF)

# 2 - "The Heart in the System of Human Life" (A/V)

Slide Presentation (PDF)

# 3 - "Radical Evil in the Ruined Soul" (A/V)

Slide Presentation (PDF)

Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practic

"Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice"

by Dallas Willard & Jan Johnson


A Study Guide (41 pages)

based on excerpts & application of the book

Renovation of the Heart

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