Doug Webster

Doug strives to simply follow Jesus and engage others to join him in the journey. He is committed to equipping and unleashing followers of Jesus to recklessly abandon the outcomes and know real love, joy & peace. He strives to think about what he thinks about through leader empowering, family centered, creative, collaborative, neighbor love from a shepherd’s heart. His local heartbeat is as lead follower of the following. He served as shepherd of a precious homeless community called the Carport Church in Santa Ana, CA. He was honored to serve on the OC Sheriff's Interfaith Advisory Council and OC United Way's "United to End Homelessness" Faith Council. Doug earned a Bachelor’s in Christian Education/Youth Ministry from Vanguard University, a Master of Divinity from Fuller Seminary and PhD. classes in Pulpit Communications from Trinity Bible College & Seminary. 

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Dr. Bill Gaultiere

Bill Gaultiere, Ph.D. of Soul Shepherding is a licensed Psychologist, certified Spiritual Director and ordained Pastor. As an author four books, including Journey of the Soul with his wife Kristi, and You Can Live in Jesus’ Easy Yoke, Bill speaks at churches and Christian conferences and leads retreats and mission trips“Being with Jesus to become like Him” is Bill’s personal mission statement, which he brings into the challenges of family, ministry leadership, and personal soul care. Contact Bill to refresh your soul, plus 700+ resources at

Tim Timmons
Adjunct Artist

Tim Timmons’ life has always been one of adventure, but for the first time, the singer/songwriter feels awake enough to actually live it. After nearly two decades of ministry and a lifetime as a believer, Timmons is no stranger to the tenets of the Christian faith. Now he finds himself moving beyond believer to follower, awake and alive to the nearness of Jesus. His sophomore album, Awake Our Souls (Reunion Records), is a portrait of Timmons’ own awakening and an invitation for every listener to discover the abundant life beyond belief.

   “We talk about all these things I’ve known about my whole life—like freedom in Jesus and overwhelming joy—but I’ve never known it until now, and it’s just this awakening in my soul. The goal of this record is to invite people into a new reality of the Kingdom of God that is around us all the time. Here are ten songs—ten prayers—that help me practically live in the availability and the truth of God’s Kingdom,” he says. “It’s a huge concept—the Kingdom of God… We have power, but who lives as though the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of us? Jesus is saying, ‘You can do anything I did.’”

    This overarching concept of the Kingdom of God permeates not only Timmons’ music, but his daily life—a unique viewpoint shaped by a cancer diagnosis he received 14 years ago when he was given 5 years to live. Timmons’ greatest desire—whether the catalyst is his cancer diagnosis, his theology, his culinary skills or his songs, is to keep the conversation going so people can discover the real life found in Jesus. You'll dig

Doug Fields
Keith Giles

Keith is a teacher, author, copywriter, activist, and servant of Jesus. Since 2006, he and his family were part of a house church that gives away 100% of all offerings to the poor in their community as Keith served as a co-shepherd of a Carport church in Santa Ana, CA. Keith also has a real job in the corporate world to deepen his credibility and enable his gifted and gracious ministry. Caution: He makes you think twice.

Doug Fields has been a speaker, writer, thought-leader, and pastor to teenagers for over 35 years. After graduating Vanguard University, Doug received his M. Div. from Fuller Seminary. He served at South Coast Community Church (now Mariners Church) before youth & teaching pastor for 18 years at Saddleback Church. Doug now invests his time as an Author, Executive Director of HomeWord’s Center for Youth/Family at Azusa Pacific University, Co-founder & President of 

   If that's not enough, Doug's also content creator for, Director of Strengthening Relationships at Pacific Dental Services, content architect for,, &

  Laugh & Learn about Jesus from Doug Fields' "The Secret Behind 100X Living ".

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