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The Problem of Evil Course


“Did God do well to create a world in which there is free personality and natural law, such that it includes the possibility of a kingdom of God as well as the possibility of evil?” Dallas Willard Our world is tormented by the dominion of darkness embodied in the evil of humans as we witness what could become World War III. Today’s human condition from human trafficking to abortion, to racial and ecumenic caste systems warrants a difficult yet critical conversation about the prevalence of evil. Join a global cadre of apprentices of Jesus discussing how to recognize, respond, and rid the world of evil. We will glean wisdom from three works of Dallas Willard in the name and power of Jesus to redirect heavenward the tragic declension of the world away from God.  The Course offers wise application, winsome affirmation and weekly accountability to envision and experience intentional, Christlike thought and action in a world desperately in need of the light and love of God. Each of the 3 Sessions explore a chapter in 3 key Dallas Willard books: Session 1 - “Radical Evil in the Ruined Soul” - Renovation of the Heart, Ch. 3 Session 2 - “Why Such Lack & Evil?” - Life Without Lack, Ch. 4 Session 3 - “The Problem of Pain & Evil” - The Allure of Gentleness Ch. 6 Each session offers teaching, interactive Q&A, and practical application engaging an encouraging, global community of friends of Jesus & Dallas. A study guide and video resources is also provided.

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