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Knowing Christ Today Course


We are encouraged by your diligent desire to gain knowledge of God found in Jesus Christ as the gospel for life today. The central question facing the church today—Is the Gospel true?— is addressed by Dallas Willard's impassioned argument that Christian spiritual ideals are a reliable source of wisdom that should be granted the same authority as science or philosophy. He shows how faith and reason are complementary even with the challenge of other faiths. This 8-session course based on Dallas' book “Knowing Christ Today” will explore: Can Faith Ever Be Knowledge? Exactly How We Perish for Lack of Knowledge How Moral Knowledge Disappeared Can We Know That God Exists? The Miraculous and Christ’s Presence in Our World Knowledge of Christ in the Spiritual Life Knowledge of Christ and Christian Pluralism Pastors as Teachers of the Nations The 8-session course offers wise application, winsome affirmation and weekly accountability to envision and experience intentional, Christlike thought and action naturally developing from a biblical, accurate and true understanding of life that is really life in Jesus Christ. Each session presents key themes through interactive teaching, open Q&A, and practical application engaging a global community of friends of Jesus. A study guide and additional resources are provided for further personal transformation and group study.

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