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Learning from the greatest Teacher in
history how to actually do what He taught.

Ears to Hear

Audio/Video resources on the person, work, teachings and life of Jesus.

2024 In-person Gatherings

Waco, Texas

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Southern California

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"comments" about JESUS COLLEGE

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity of time and wisdom. As a Stanford Alumnus, I feel like you are offering Ivy League quality out of the generosity of your heart .    Aarti, Melbourne, Australia

~ ~ ~

Thank you for doing these courses. It's so much better than just reading the book. The small bites each week and the resources you have compiled really help the teaching take root in my heart.    Susan, Philadelphia, U.S.

~ ~ ~

Dallas and you have been a great blessing to me in 2023.    Al, Dallas, Texas, U.S.

~ ~ ~

We wish to thank you for your providing these classes.  They have been our Bible study, weekly devotion, prayer guides.

Chris & Cathy, Kentucky, U.S.

~ ~ ~

You are a blessing and your ministry at Jesus College has changed me and my spiritual life immensely the last 4 years.

Tami, Iowa, U.S.

Audio Resources
Eyes to See

Written resources on the person, work, teachings and life of Jesus.

Visual Resources
Our Adjunct Professors
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