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Learning from the greatest Teacher in
history how to actually do what He taught.

Ears to Hear

Audio/Video resources on the person, work, teachings and life of Jesus.

2024 In-person Gathering

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In Los Angeles
July 12-14, 2024

Current Course

Course participant comment:

    "Doug, I am so blessed by today's session. To God be the Glory. I experienced the power of God we were created through working through me today so profoundly. Joining God in doing for someone that I couldn't do for them by myself. My faith has been hugely stirred. The power available in us is mind blowing. I've only just scratched the surface.

Thank you to you, Doug, using this power working so profoundly in you and through you and Dallas Willard. I realize more and more how the sanctification process works, how God works in us and through us. I'm starting to see little threads running deep in my life. Wow, that God would be so mindful of us. I'm looking forward with great excitement to learn more and grow more and blessing it forward."

Audio Resources
Eyes to See

Written resources on the person, work, teachings and life of Jesus.

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